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fasta pasta confetti kids art smock


fasta pasta confetti kids art smock
fasta pasta confetti kids art smock fasta pasta confetti kids art smock fasta pasta confetti kids art smock fasta pasta confetti kids art smock fasta pasta confetti kids art smock


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 Live messy, look good!

What a good motto to live by…

Our new art smocks are perfect for kids who have a tendency to attract mess - which we’re sure are all children - and perfect for parents who want their kids to still look great!

Got a crafty, pasta obsessed little one? Niche perhaps, but we’re sure they’re out there!

Made from two Soda + Stitch original prints, ‘Fasta Pasta’ and ‘Confetti’, this smock is colourful and playful. Peacock blue with white pasta shapes dances across the front of the body, whilst the same blue and grassy green graces the back of the body and hem line.

Hand printed on a durable cotton and cotton/linen, this smock will last through many a play-dates or craft days. The elasticated sleeves holes and neck line, along with the sweeping open reverse, the smock is simple to get on those wriggling little ones, but just as easy to take off.

Featuring a wide ‘boat’ pocket on the front for all sorts of goodies and a thin vinyl lining to keep clothing paint free, it’s sure to a winner with all generations of the house.

Two sizes are available - a small and medium. The small is designed with 2-3 year olds in mind, while the medium is for 5-6 year olds.

Dimensions for the small size are:

40 cm across the chest, 32 cm from neckline to bottom hem and 32 cm from shoulder to cuff.

Dimensions for the medium size are:

46 cm across the chest, 38 cm from neckline to bottom hem and 36 cm from shoulder to cuff.

Lovingly made by artisans of the block printing trade, this design has a lovely texture and small nuances in the print, that act as a reminder of it’s entirely handmade origins.

Block printing is an ancient technique practised in Jaipur, India, where wooden teak blocks are chipped and carved to create the design. The blocks are then dipped in to luscious dyes and stamped across the fabric. Definitely a technique for the patient and highly skilled!

Made from 100% cotton/linen and hand block printed in Jaipur, India.

Care instructions are super simple - cold machine wash separately with mild detergent, but do not tumble dry and do not dry clean.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of this fabric slight variations in print and colour may occur.

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