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our block printed process

A humble beginning - most Soda + Stitch designs are simply drawn with a black marker pen on white paper... We then scan, trace and play around, until we've found a pattern repeat we love.
Once we've finalised our designs (a sometimes a terribly indecisive process) we take our patterns to master block carvers. This incredible technique is completed entirely by hand... The design is drawn on to a chunk of wood and slowly chipped and carved away... 
Another indecisive process at times, the step where we chose the colours. And when we have, the very careful eye of our colour masters mix the pigments and dyes. A bit of that and a bit of this until the colour is spot on!
The super fun part where the design becomes a printed textile reality. Each colour has its own block that is accurately aligned and printed by the incredible eyes of our block printers. The block is dipped into a tray of dye and then stamped onto the fabric, layer by layer, metre by metre. A process for the patient hands of block printing masters, with beautiful and textured results. 

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